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Golden Hour Maternity Session

When I got a call from this couple saying they are expecting their first child and they want me to shoot their maternity session, I actually jumped from joy! I have been part of Liz and Elliott’s most important moments, having previously captured their engagement and wedding; so taking photos of the start of their family made me extremely honored!

What stuck in my memory from their wedding 5 years ago, is that the Paylor’s are incredibly stylish. I remember Liz’s wedding dress, she was a stunner! Naturally, me being me, as I dearly want to show off the beauty and radiance of my couples, I thought golden hour would be the perfect timing for their maternity photos! And let me tell you when it comes to golden hour glory, there is no place better than a coastal spot, so we decided that the Martinez Marina would be ideal.

Maternity session at the Martinez Marina at Golden hour

The Martinez Marina is nestled close to the historic town of Martinez with poetic serene views, a true haven for sunset lovers! The town was established in 1849, making Martinez one of the oldest towns in California. Felt incredible to stroll down the historic downtown establishments and later feel the calmness of the marina which is just a few minutes away from the town. 

When we got there, I was immediately excited because the day was amazing, everything that you would expect for a gorgeous portrait session. Sunny weather, soft breeze, stunning sunset glow! Perfect day for a perfect couple. Though if I am being realistic, Liz can turn any gloomy weather to her advantage and just shine through with her beauty!

She was glowing with all of her Momm-to-be  splendor in a gorgeous flowy gown. Elliott wore a neutral shirt and jeans which complimented her yellow comfy dress and that adorable baby bump! The way they kept caressing the bump was the cutest, giving me all the feels!

Talking about maternity session fashion, I get this often: What should I wear for the photos? I will always recommend that you wear a flowy dress to show your grace and the art of bearing life inside you. Not only will you feel comfy, but it will also look amazing in the photos. For the partner, I also recommend a soft comfy outfit with complementary colors, because combined with the dress the couple will look timeless and ethereal – just like Liz and Elliott! 

Scrolling through these photos you can see how special and holy these moments before the birth are. I am blessed that I can witness those moments and even more when I get to portray them into fine art photography. Memories are meant to be cherished and looked back on with fondness, and I take it to heart when I get the privilege to capture them. I loved every single second of being part of Liz and Elliott’s chapter and I wish them all the best! (Excited to say that me and my camera cannot wait to meet the little one!)

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