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A Sweet Newborn Lifestyle Session

Oh how I love Newborn lifestyle Sessions 

I literally cannot express the excitement when I got a call from the Harris family just 2 weeks after little Garrett was born! It is a real honor when families trust me with capturing their loving story with a newborn lifestyle session. I have been doing this job for so long that every family has a special spot in my heart, and when they invite me into their home and trust me to immortalize the most precious moments of their lives, I am overwhelmed by warmth and gratitude! There is nothing more sacred for me than being able to adorn their visual memories with my artistry.

Not your typical Newborn session 

When it comes to newborn photography, I am not your typical photographer. My work doesn’t consist of studio photos of newborns being wrapped and tucked away in baskets. Although those are beautiful. For me, it is all about family photography, cherishing family time, and the connection they share (especially with their sweetest new addition!) When I look at couples who hold their baby or simply admire lovingly every gesture they make – precisely that is what I live for, the pure act of love entwined in a newborn lifestyle session.

Their charming home was perfect for a Family Lifestyle session

On the day of their newborn lifestyle session, I eagerly geared up and went on my way to see little Garrett and his proud parents. And let me tell you it was an amazing day! The sun was shining, there was that crisp coolness in the air – a perfect December day! When I got to their home to work my magic with the newborn photography, their loving atmosphere embraced my senses and I immediately felt welcomed and inspired!

Their beautiful Sacramento home is everything that one family strives for, sweet, charming, and warm. It was so adorably decorated for Garrett’s first Christmas. His little eyes were observing everything and responded with the cutest gestures. You can obviously tell how absolutely enchanted they are by him. They just couldn’t stop looking at little Garret who graced us all with his cutest little yawns, smiles, and sweet noises; which turned this to be one magical family photography session. It just felt so easy to capture the warmth and all the love they hold for him. When I am doing lifestyle photography in my client’s homes, I often get asked how they should pose, what they should do. But let me tell you one thing, the artistry of painting visual memories on a photo is all about being natural, like the Harris family. Their sweet little boy loved being in his momma’s arms and made the cutest most adorable little smile as they held him close to them, so that fact alone is enough to relax the parents (or any person for that matter!) and steal kind smiles for the in-home lifestyle photography!

Browsing through these photos you can see how holy family moments are, especially in these uncertain times when we give value to life’s essentials. Instead of being taken by darkness, choose to turn to light and cherish every single moment you have with your loved ones. Newborns are the beacons of the future and their pure souls are a blessing to this world. That is why I feel wholeheartedly grateful and privileged when I get to do newborn photography. It is always a perfect time to do a session, and I would love it if you reach out for my services and completely melt me with your family sweetness!

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