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Wedding Planning Tips for During a Pandemic

With everything going on, I’ve gotten tons of questions about what couples should do right now and how they should continue with their wedding planning. It makes sense that couples are struggling. This situation is unprecedented after all, and wedding planning is a complicated undertaking that usually happens months in advance. So, I thought I’d share the tips I do have for brides planning their wedding during a pandemic.

Wedding Planning Tips for Brides

If you already have a wedding date

If you already have a set date, it’s essential to have a plan B, such as an alternative date. It’s better to be prepared and plan for the possibility that your wedding may need to move or have an alternative style. Knowing this might help ease some of the stress. Coordinate with your vendors and figure out what date works best for both you and the majority of them (hopefully, all of them!).

If you haven’t planned a wedding date yet

If you’re looking at future dates, you may want to hold off scheduling a wedding this year and opt for a wedding later next year. Everything is still uncertain, especially since there isn’t a vaccine yet, and this may cause more cancellations and postponements. Even as things start to open up slowly, odds are events, such as weddings, will be the last phase, and this could take a while.

Regardless of your situation, don’t cancel if you can avoid it! On top of being heartbreaking, you may lose your deposits. Just postpone to a later date.

How to postpone your wedding

My biggest worry is that couples who have already postponed to later this year might have to postpone again. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a bride planning your wedding during a pandemic. That sounds so stressful! So, try and plan, so you won’t have to postpone multiple times.


Reach out to all of your vendors and ask if they allow an alternate date. Most vendors are being lenient, considering the circumstances. I know I’m making an effort to be because I want to help make this situation as stress-free as possible. I’m allowing my couples to postpone their weddings without any repercussions. The wedding industry is certainly suffering right now, but I believe helping my couples is the right thing to do.


Check your insurance, and if you don’t have insurance for your new date, get insurance! Make sure you understand exactly what the policy covers. Insurance might help you cover any future postponement fees that pop up from your vendors.


Communicate with your guests by keeping your website updated. If you haven’t ordered invitations yet, it might be best to hold off until you’re certain about your date. Hopefully, you can avoid having to buy invitations twice or attempting to communicate your new date to everyone personally. You also need to be prepared for the fact that some of your guests might no longer be able to physically come. If they live out of state or are immunosuppressed, attending might be difficult for them.

Those are some basic tips for postponing, but you can find more in this article by Brides.

My top wedding planning tips for brides during a pandemic are to be prepared and flexible. Be ready to shift your wedding around and make changes. You may end up holding your wedding during a different season than you were planning, or it might look a little different, a little smaller. Just remember you’re marrying your best friend, and that’s the most important thing.

There will always be marriage, so it’s a sure thing that weddings will continue someday. Stay positive because we’ll win this fight.

If you’re looking for a photographer for your new date, and your wedding is in the California area or even beyond, send me a note! I’d love to hear from you.


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